5 Tips for Planning a Budget Safari to Kenya

Since your childhood, you have been thinking of visiting Africa for a safari to Kenya, and immediately when you started earning some money, you started to save for your memorable and lifetime Kenya safari.

But how do you plan a memorable budget safari to Kenya without investing in all you’re saving on just one safari. Now we are here to ensure that you plan a budget and memorable safari to Kenya without being too expensive.

1 – Travel during low season

Kenya has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season makes the low season that starts from April to June and October to December, and the dry season is always the peak season which goes mid-June, July, August, and September every year.

Safari Land Cruiser Hardtop – Crossing the River

In most cases safari prices tend to drop during the low season because of the much rain and even some of the accommodation facilities in different national parks offers discount during this season. So in case you want to save on a safari traveling during the rainy season is a perfect idea.

Safaris-Kenya.Com is offering 4×4 safari vehicles for hire for those willing to travel during the rainy season, and due to these strong vehicles, you should not be worried about how you will pass through the muddy roads in the national parks during the rainy season.

2 – Go Camping

Another way to cut the safari costs in Kenya is by taking a camping safari, there is a lot of amazing tented camps and camping grounds from where you can camp and save much on accommodation costs.

If you, not this kind of person who loves comfort such as large king-size beds, en-suite bathrooms, and lodges with balcony, camping in Kenya can be an amazing way to save money on a safari.

Going Camping in Kenya

Pitch your tent in the wildness of Masai Mara and or on the shores of Lake Nakuru and enjoy a night in the African wild.

Safaris-Kenya.Com offers camping equipment for all tourists and also those going for self-drive safari we have car rental services and they come rooftop tents and a full set of camping gear.

4 – Make it a dry safari

Most tour companies in Kenya offers safari packages with all the meals and drinks inclusive minus alcoholic drinks. Meaning you will be paying with your money for every bottle of ice-cold beer, a glass of wine, or any other alcoholic content.

It’s not that you have to cut off the alcohol completely; you can limit yourself by at least taking one or two bottles with your dinner can lead to huge savings throughout the trips. And also if you think the safari can’t be enjoyable without alcohol, then its better you ask for a safari vehicle with a refrigerator so that you can tell your driver/tour guide and you buy drinks when you still in cities and put them in the fridge because alcoholic drinks are cheaper in cities than in the bars at the lodges in the national parks. This will lead to huge savings throughout your safari.

3 – Travel in a group

Traveling in a group is another perfect way to save more money on a safari, whereby all the costs will be shared by several people.

Entrance Nairobi National Park – Kenya

While Safaris-Kenya.Com doesn’t organize group safaris, but our safari vehicle can comfortably carry up to 7 people. So if you got a few friends you can convince and join you on your safari to Kenya, it’s a perfect way to bring the costs down.

The main cost of a tour is car rental and safari vehicle fees which take up to half of the whole safari budget. So when you planning to go for a safari with your other 6 friends this cost will be shared by everyone the thing which will significantly lower the cost per person.

5 – Avoid Lodges in the National Parks

The chance to spend a night in the middle of a national park is hard to resist, and also sleeping in lodges found in the national parks allows you easy access to the park whereby you can get a chance for an amazing morning and night game drives in the park but all these conveniences attract a cost of about 40$ concession fee this means you will be paying up to 2 times for your night sleep.