10 Reasons why self-drive safaris are famous in Uganda

The best way to enjoy a trip or a safari with friends or family when you have enough time it’s by going by road and if you’re in a group of around 4 people or more it’s always better to opt for self-drive car rental services. Self-drive car rental services are becoming more popular and common in Uganda and it works mostly for people who would want a car for a short period whether for 1 day, a week, or a month. You can treat the vehicle like your own throughout the rental period. Self-drive auto rental services allow you to drive more conveniently.

The rapid development and the introduction of self-drive car rental service in Uganda also led to the introduction of self-drive safaris in the country. Since most of the people who support the car rental business in Uganda are from the tourism industry, now most tourists have acquired the idea of self-drive safaris whereby they don’t need to pass through a tour operator, they just contact a car rental company book their vehicle and drive their own safari. Therefore, we have decided to put down the reasons why self-drive safaris in Uganda are getting popular.

1. It’s cheap and affordable

The best way to save money on a safari or going on a budget safari is by going self-drive, whereby you will eliminate most things where you can spend more money, for example, you will not need to pass through a tour operator meaning you will save that commission the tour operator can charge you which is always 10% the total amount of money you will use on the trip, since you will be doing the driving, still you will not have to pay for the driver/tour guide and that money can be used on other things like paying accommodation or park entrance fees. All these make self-drive safaris more affordable the thing which has made them gain popularity in the country.

2. Privacy

When you choose a self-drive safari, you will also expect to have privacy at its fullest whereby you will be in the vehicle with either your lover in case you’re a couple, with your friend or family member. If you take a guided safari, there are high chances that the tour guide/the driver will try to interrupt or engage in your personal conversation the thing which can make the whole of your journey very tiresome. Just imagine you going for a 1 or 2 weeks trip and unfortunately you get a bad driver, this can make the whole of your safari horrible. However when you go for a self-drive safari there are no chances there anyone can interrupt with your conversation or music and still you will spend enough time with your traveling partner and in case you traveling as a couple, you will have an interesting and memorable time together.

3. Flexibility

Since most of the tourist attractions in Uganda are upcountry and in remote areas that will need many hours of driving from Kampala or Entebbe International Airport. Always when you on a long drive like from Kampala to Kidepo Valley National Park which is found in the far northeastern part of the country it will need a full day drive from Kampala, you will feel like having several shortstops, but asking a tour guide or driver to stop after every an hour can be a bit annoying to him but if you go on a self-drive safari, you will be free from such situations. You can have control of your journey, and manage your trip as you want.

There are also other situations where you can be in a specific destination let’s say, Murchison Falls National Park when the next day you going to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking it can be easy for you to change and go to another destination when you on self-drive safari than when you on a guided safari where you always have to follow the itinerary.

4. Safety & Security

When you choose to go for guided safaris, there are high chances that you can get a tired driver/tour guide who has just returned from the safari this can raise the risk of the tour guide feeling asleep he is behind the steering or even can neglect the road safety guidelines the thing which can put your lives in danger. To avoid all these issues, you can easily go for a self-drive safari and as you drive yourself you can be in control and taking breaks where ever necessary, and even take rest whenever you want.

5. Possibility to choose a car you want

Another factor that is making self-drive safaris in Uganda to be more popular is the availability of different types of cars for rent. Most Car Rental Companies in Uganda have most of the types of vehicles and it’s up to you to choose the one you familiar with and they have both automatic and manual transmission the thing which makes it easy for any traveler to drive. Now it’s easy for you to request an automatic transmission 4×4 safari vehicle and go explore most of the interesting destinations in the country freely.

6. Easy to rent a safari vehicle in Uganda

Hiring a car for self-drive in Uganda is such an easy process and it doesn’t need you to have a lot of papers, just having a valid driving permit and an identification card there you will be set to hire a vehicle in Uganda. Most car rental companies don’t ask for credit card security when hiring a hire because all their vehicles are comprehensively insured the thing which made self-drive safaris in Uganda popular because tourists can easily hire self-drive safari vehicles and drive their own adventure in the country.

The procedure of hiring a safari vehicle in Uganda is very easy since everything was put online you just need to get your computer or your smartphone and search on the internet, you will get a variety of car rental companies from which you can choose which one offering a good price for you. After reserving your vehicle with a deposit of 100$ you will find when the driver from the car rental company already waiting for you at the airport from where you will do all the paperwork, check the vehicle and even pay the balance. There you will be set to start your self-drive a safari in Uganda.

7. Hygiene

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, hygiene has been always the main concern for many travelers, it has gotten obligatory for everybody to keep up a social distancing. Accordingly, as you go for a self-drive safari you can maintain a certain level of cleanness and you will not be accompanied by a foreign person whom you don’t know his status. The car rental agencies always sanitize the vehicle before giving it to you, but to be surer, you can also do another round of sanitization. So the issue of hygiene has made self-drive safaris famous in Uganda and Africa.

8. Cheap ranger guides in the parks

This is another factor that has made self-drive safaris in Uganda famous, in the way that it can be easy for a tourist to drive him/herself up to the national park gate, but the problem may come when going for a game drive in the park where by the self-drive tourist will not be knowing the wildlife trails in the park. But this is made easy by the many and cheap guides in all national parks in the country who are ready to take the self-drive tourists on a game drive in the park at a very affordable price.

9. Friendly Ugandans

Ugandans are believed to be among the friendliest people in Africa, whereby even if you a foreigner and you get lost while on the way to a specific safari destination the local people will be happy to help you in case you ask for direction. Even when your vehicle breaks down, in a few minutes you will find yourself surrounded by locals who are willing to help you in anything, like directing you where you can find a mechanic and others. This gave self-drive tourists assurance that they can’t get stuck when you on a safari because the locals will be there to help.

10. Full of fun

Going on a self-drive safari, you will get all the fun you will need with your friends or family. You can stop at any attraction you want and spend there as much time as you want. You do not have to worry about asking for a driver or tour guide to stop in case you want a break or a stopover for taking photos. On a self-drive safari, you get all the freedom you want and you don’t have to worry about being answerable to anyone. You can even improvise and go to any impromptu destination at the point of notice.

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